October 14, 2008

Autumn has finally arrived in Ohio!

We finally have leaves on the ground! I'm so happy that fall is here, it is my favorite season of the year. The air smells crisp, the colors are just beautiful. The weather is still warm enough where we dont need a jacket. We put away Coopers summer clothes, and unpacked his warm winter clothes.
I tried to take some pics of Cooper in a leaf pile, and as you can see by his face, he was just sitting there humoring me. Oh well.

Now the frog suit...I un-earthed it while putting away some clothes in boxes. My mom bought it last year, and it fits him now. Its kind of scary looking to me (sorry mom!) But Cooper LOVES it. He did not want to take it off, and got quite upset with me when I tried. So i let him wear it for a good part of the day. So this is Cooper the frog! Did you know frogs love yogurt, riding horses, and playing the harmonica? ;)


Anonymous said...

He is so effin cute. And yes, I said 'effin' ... just don't teach him that word. I agree, the frog costume is a bit scary, but it does look cute on him. Maybe you can be a princess for Halloween and he could be your frog prince? Ha. I loverate him.