October 8, 2008

Awesome weekend

I had the best birthday weekend. I cant even remember when I had such a good birthday.

My parents came down Friday afternoon, the weather was nice for their drive. It was my dads first time visiting us in Ohio ever! He was always at home with the foster kids while my mom would come to visit. Thankfully it is just the two of them at home now (and they are loving it!) so they had a chance to come see the new house this weekend. Cooper says "grandpa" very enthusiastically so my dad was loving that. Although to be honest, I think both grandma and grandpa were known as "grandpa" to Cooper :)
And then saturday morning, my mom and I went to pick up Travis and Amanda at the train station in Kzoo (two hours drive) so we got to chat on the way there. It was nice to do that, i cant even remember the last time I had the chance to talk to my mom, ALONE! And the drive back was fun too, although I wanted to be home so badly! We had a great night with everyone. I really missed my sister, its so hard not having her minutes away from us. I miss when she could just come over whenever, but thats what happens when we grow up and move on with our lives!
Sunday was so much fun, my brother Jim, brother Nick and his wife Bobbie and their son Nelson came early afternoon. Its only a two hour drive for them, as opposed to the four hour trip for everyone else so they just came for the day. We had a good lunch, watched the boys play, and took some family pictures. The weather was so beautiful, a perfect fall day.
Its been months since my whole family had been together, and I know it wont happen again until next year sometime. So we really made the best of it. Cooper was so good, i was so proud of him. He got along with everybody!
My husband surprised me with a new camera for my birthday. I thought we agreed to no presents, considering our wedding anniversary is a week after my birthday, but he caved. Its an awesome camera and I love it so much!

I really couldnt have asked for a better birthday.
Maybe if we could have spent a day with Bills family that would have been the icing on the cake. But hopefully we will be making a trip north by the first of next month. I cant wait for that.

So that was our weekend! Hope yours was just as great!