November 19, 2009

Easy (and free) ways to earn money! Check out Ebates and Swagbucks

I'm always looking for ways to save a buck, I'll admit it. Although we do just fine with Bill working and me staying at home, I sometimes wish there were a way I could contribute, or just make a little spending money for myself!
Well, just in time for the holiday season, I have two websites that you must check out!

First is
Ebates says "it pays to shop online!" and it does! Sign up for Ebates and they credit your accout with $5. They provide you with thousands of stores (all your favorites, like JcPenney, Kohls, Best Buy just to name a few) that offer a percentage of cash back if you shop with them through ebates. I just bought some Christmas presents online and had 3 % of what I spent credited to my account. A few times a year, they mail you a check or you can have it deposited automatically.
So now is the perfect time to sign up, especially if you do your holiday shopping online! Better yet, if you go to your favorite site through ebates, you often get coupon codes or free shipping. Each store provides a different % of cash back, some just 1% some check it out!
(email your friends and get them to sign up under you, and you'll get $5 for each friend that signs up! Dont worry, I wont email you, but pass it along to your friends to make some extra money for yourself!)

I recently joined as well. Swag bucks is a site that gives you "swagbucks" for making searches. You just have the swagbucks google page as your home page, and every few searches you make you'll earn up to 5 swagbucks! If you download the swagbucks tool bar, you'll get messages about random swagcodes that you plug in and earn a few SBs. Then, you take your swag bucks on over to the swag store and you can buy clothes, posters, music, and gift cards. I think the most popular option is to buy gifts cards. You can buy paypal gift cards and have money put right in your paypal account, amazon gift cards, Wii cards, Target etc....
Go click the link i'm about to provide to sign up and get started! Its free!!
(get SB for refering your friends too! You'll earn SB everytime they do!)