November 20, 2009

we've been hit!

By the swine flu that is! It started with Bill, went to the kids, and is ending with me. Bill and I seem to have had it the worst, thankfully the kids were over it in a few days. I guess its not as bad as the TV news says it is, but it sure is kicking my butt. I havent been this sick in years!
Luckily, Bill was able to stay home from work today to help me with the kids. We've been trying to clean and sanitize today, which isnt much fun when you feel like death! Okay, that is probably a little extreme...but I told Bill I feel like I did the day after my c-section, which was horrible. But give me another day and I'll be good as new!

We're planning a trip to MI next week for thanksgiving, we're all very much looking forward to it. We will be having the boys Christmas pictures taken while we are there, I cant wait to see how they turn out! I also hope to help my mom out at her first craft show! She has a big booth at the Evergreen festival in Reed City, so check it out if you are in the area!


Kati said...

oh no! i am so sorry to hear that you guys were attacked by the h1n1 bug! yuck! i'll be praying that you recover quickly! and i hope your mom does well at her craft show! you'll have to take/post some pictures! :)

~Kati, Hooks of Hope

Alison said...

I hope everyone gets better super quickly!!