March 26, 2010

Friday Featured Blogger-Pamela, outnumbered mama at The Busy Woman's Guide to Surviving Motherhood

I "met" Pamela on one of the blog networks I frequent. Her blog, The Busy Woman's Guide to Surviving Motherhood, is fantastic! Shes does what I hope to do with mine!! She was looking to feature other blogs on hers so I contacted her and she wrote up a great feature of Life With the Stevens and myself (go here if you want to check it out) So I was happy to return the favor and introduce Pam to all of my readers!

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1. Tell us about yourself-family, job, things you like to do
I am a sort of stay-at-home mom of three boys aged 4.5, 3 and 1.5. I teach water aerobics classes a few days a week. I love to blog, read, scrapbook, garden and cook. Our family is very active, we are constantly go-go-going! And I know it is only going to get more and more as the boys start having their own activities to do.

2. What is your blog about?
Every Mom needs a little guidance - my blog is full of tips, tricks and fun stories about surviving the jungle called MOTHERHOOD! I also like to throw in a lot of product reviews and giveaways, because everyone loves free stuff! Really the soul of my blog is about supporting real woman who are also mothers! I think it's so important that to remind people that you don't have to choose between being a Mother or a Woman - you can 100% be both!

3. What inspired you to start your blog?
Actually, a very good friend of mine told me that I was really good at giving advice and that I should start a book. So I started writing and it all just poured out of me. But once I really started looking into what it would take to get published, it was so daunting. So I decided to start a blog instead. I am awed by the positive responses that I have gotten with my writing and hope to grow along with the site!

4. How do you fit your blog into your schedule? Do you set aside certain times of the day to blog?
I have actually given up some of my reading time to blog but it has proven worth it. Each day I get up, get the kids dressed and going on breakfast. Then I sit down and blog away at all the daily chores of maintainence (responding to emails/comments/questions, listing giveaways on blog sites, facebooking/tweeting, and a little bit networking.) Then it is just a matter a checking my email throughout the day and doing what needs to be done as it comes up. I have found that doing things as soon as they come up, makes it all less burdensome. I also limit myself, only 1 hour at a time.

5. What do you hope to achieve in the future with your blog?
I hope to create a community atmosphere where other moms can feel comfortable coming to find answers to some of the tough questions, or get a laugh or free stuff. I started the blog back in September of 2009 but have really been pushing on it since January 2010. I was able to grow my followers from 38 to 107 in a three week period, so I am just going to keep plugging away at it and try to stay consistent.

Thanks again to Pam for doing this!! Check out her blog, become a follower, you wont regret it!


OutnumberedMama said...

Thanks so much for the opportunity Heather! I really enjoyed answering your questions!

OutnumberedMama said...
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Momma Stuff said...

Congrats on getting featured!! Found you through the Product Review Place and am now following your blog!
Amber :)