March 15, 2010

Hey! It's Monday!

I just had to share...just in case you didnt know (insert eyeroll ;D) Well I hope you do not have a case of the mondays. Although, if you're like me, you're still struggling to catch up on sleep after the time change this past weekend. I think that DST is a cruel joke for mothers who are already struggling to enough sleep!! But I do enjoy seeing the daylight well into the evening.
Anyway, here are some freebies I found for you today!

*Another Lever 2000 soap freebie, this time from Costco. You do not have to enter a member ID to sign up for the sample! Go here!

*Sign up for emails from Pillsbury and get a coupon book worth $10! If you've never hear of head over there and sign up for the coupon book (here)! And while you're there, check out all of the coupons they have for you to print off for free! This is where I find a lot of great savings!!

*Walmart has Tide with Febreeze samples! I love Walmart freebies!! Sign up here!
It is through the P&G site, so if you've signed up for their freebies in the past, you should be able to sign in w/ no problem! (I think I posted this one before, but if you didnt sign up for it then, here is your chance!)

*Free soap jewels!! Check out this blog for more info, seems like all you have to do is leave a comment on one of their blog articles and you get a free 1.5 oz sample of soap!

*A great savings opportunity! I was just at Old Navy yesterday, and learned about this promotion! Go here to print off a coupon and save 30% on any purchace at Old Navy, Gap, Gap outlet, Banana Republic and BN outlet stores. It is good for their friends and family weekend of March 18-21st, and a portion of the proceeds go to a charity of your picking!! Its called the Gap give and get program!