March 9, 2010

Tuesday freebies :D

**Sams club is offering a free Glad Forceflex trash bag (yay trash, lol)
I've signed up for freebies from Sams club before, and have had no trouble with not entering a member ID so you shouldnt either (if you're not a member that is, if you are enter it!) Go here to get your trash on ;)

**Free Huggies snug and dry diapers from Costco. You can select from sizes 2-6. Again, you should be able to sign up w/o a member id number (I did) so go here!

**Dunkin Donuts Turbo coffee-get your sample here! Just click free sample at the top of the page.

**Walmart is sending out free samples of Lever2000. Walmart always sends their freebies in a timely fashion, so sign up here for yours today!

I havent been posting much lately, but hopefully will be back to where I wanted to be a few weeks ago. My giveaway was a success, even with a small turn out. But hopefully there will be bigger and better giveaways in the future!!