April 1, 2010

Thursday freebies!!

I'm sad I forgot my wordless Wednesday post yesterday! Frankly I forgot it was Wednesday. Being a mom can be very distracting sometimes ;) But a good distraction!
I'll try and remember to post some pics later today. But until then, here are a few freebies that have crossed my desk.

**Walmart is sending out samples of Dove Men+Care soap-its body and face wash combined! Sounds like a great sample for men who like to take a total of a 30 second shower (ew! lol!) Go here for your sample.

**More Emergen-C samples!! This time, they are being offered through Elle. I was so thankful the samples I received a while back, it really helped me fight off a potential cold that Cooper had brought home from school. Go here for your sample, and you can choose your flavor!

**Fill out this form to be entered in a weekly drawing for free Carmex! We love Carmex in our house, we use it for sore noses and lips when we have colds, it works great! They pick 50 winners each week, maybe you'll be one of the lucky ones!