May 23, 2010

It's not Monday...but there are still freebies :D

I have a few quiet moments to spare today so I'm going to post some freebies that have come across my desk!
An DONT FORGET about my Charm Factory Bracelet giveaway! There are dozens of styles you can choose from if you win! Go here to enter!

**Click here to get free samples of True Lemon, True Lime, and True Orange. "People love using True products for flavoring water (as alternatives to sweetened water enhancers, flavored waters, diet sodas or sweetened drinks) as well as for adding to their hot/iced teas, beverages or drinks and for cooking, baking and seasoning."

Try for yourself! Register for free samples today!

**Sign up for the Clif Bar E-Newsletter & they’ll send you some fun freebies such as Mini Clif Bar samples

**Free Crest White Strips from Walmart, go here!

**the Aveeno Nourish sample is back! Go here to select your samples of shampoo and conditioner!


Danielle said...

Hey Heather! I wanted to thank you for following! I am now following back! Have a great evening!