May 18, 2010

RIP my darling baby carrier

I'm so sad :( My beloved ABC carrier has bit the dust. I'm going to send it in to get repaired, but I'll be without a carrier for a while (I sold my sling, how silly of me)
So does anyone have any suggestions for a new baby carrier? I'm leaning towards an Ergo, but I'm nervous about it being bulky. Any thoughts?


Kim said...

I don't have an Ergo, but my friend Emily does and she is in love with it. It was the only way she could get her son to sleep for a while.

Following you from MBC :)

Anonymous said...

hi,nice to meet you..your boys are too cute!!! ;)

Lauren said...

I tried the Ergo and Beco and the Ergo was a bit bulkier, so I went with the Beco. Plus I love their prints and the panel between you and baby so she is easily transferred. I have one for the car for when I am out and about and one for around the house.

Christina said...

I love baby carriers, they're my favorite. Good luck surviving for a while without it. I'm following you now from MBC.

Ms B said...

Love love the mei tai!
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