June 1, 2010

Big news! Spread the word!

I have a few announcements if you will, for all you out in blogger land :D

spread the word Pictures, Images and Photos

**My blog is getting a makeover! I'm in the process of getting a custom made design, and I can't wait until you all see it! I'll sing my praises of the designer once everything is in place :D

**I'm almost to 200 Facebook fans 100 Blog followers, and I have an incentive for you all! Help me get me get to 200 FB Fans and 100 followers and I'll have a celebration in honor of your hard work! I will have a fun and fabulous giveaway as soon as I reach those numbers! So spread the word, suggest my FB fan page to your friends or add my button to your blog-whatever it takes, let's do this together!


BabySpice said...


I'm doing my best to help you not only meet your goal but blow it out of the water.

Gioia said...

I am your 97th blog follower! You are almost at 100 :)

Lynda Bowling said...

I'm #98!! Only 2 more to go!! :)

Heather said...

Thank you everyone, we made it 100!!!
Now I just need 10 more FB fans!