June 1, 2010

Your Freebies for the day :D

I've been so busy getting things ready for my blogs makeover, I've forgotten to post some freebies for my loyal readers!
Here are few that have come across my desk today:

**Free Moist SURE sanitizing gel-because hygiene is important :D go here to get yours!

**From June 1st-June 7th, Gliddon paints is giving you 2 samples of paint-have you been thinking about repainting your bathroom, but just can't picture it w/o a sample? Now is your chance to get two! Go here to find out how to get yours!

**Get two free samples of Kraft Sandwich Shop Mayo here! Yum!


Lesa Antone said...

Love the free samples of paint! I am painting my house...one room at a time, and it's 3500 sq feet so it's a process for sure! Plus I try to make each room unique, yet keep the flow! I have spent far too much money on samples, so this is awesome! Thanks!

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Mama Hen said...

That is so exciting that you are getting a makeover. I look forward to seeing it. Congrats on al the fans!

Mama Hen

Jennifer said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!! I'm following you back! Can't wait to check out more of yours!! Your family is adorable!

Liz said...

Cute blog! Looks like you have lots of fun. I have three little girls and do the breastfeeding/babywearing as well. Love it! Following you from MBC, not even close to 100 followers but one day maybe I'll be like you :)
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