August 17, 2010

Adiri Ultimate Nurser Review

I was given the new Adiri Ulitimate Nurser baby bottle review. This is the new bottle design by Adiri, which was created with breastfeeding in mind. How is that possible, you ask? The new and improved Adiri Ultimate Nurser was redesigned "with natures best model in mind" and has both the look and feel of the mothers breast.
This is the most "breast-like" bottle I have ever seen. It's soft, and dare I say  has a "supple" feel to the nipple. If you read my blog, you know I'm an avid breastfeeding mom. Both of my boys have had bottles here and there, if I needed to be gone for long periods of times but I never used them more than once a day. The Adiri Ultimate Nurser, to me, is the perfect bottle for a breastfeeding baby. It mimics the breast to provide a "natural latch to reduce nipple confusion" which is great, because as new moms we want breastfeeding to work and do not want to cause any more stress to ourselves and to our babies!

My son Bennett had not used a bottle in some time, but the need arose just the other day after an injury to his teeth made it too painful to eat or nurse. He did not nurse for almost 24 hours,  and I was worried about dehydration. I think he was associating the breast with the trauma because I kept trying to get him to nurse afterwards and in the ER and he just couldn't. I was pumping to avoid engorgment, so I used the milk I pumped and tried the Adiri Ultimate Nurser for the first time in hopes he'd take in some fluids! Boy did he take to it, he was so hungry. Of course, I encourage breastfeeding to any mother, but I know situations arise such as going back to work or an overnight hospital stay where a bottle is needed. If you are a breastfeeding mother, and will be in a situation where your baby will be taking bottles, I highly recommend the Adiri Ultimate Nurser!!
You can purchase the Adiri Ultimate Nurser here for under $15! And of course, they are BPA/Phthalate free! Right now it is being packaged in the original Natural Nurser boxes so not to waste, but the new packaging will be out soon!  There are 3 flow options, and a bonus part of the bottle is the Improved Filling Cap, which "seals the bottle securly for leak free use and transport" and when used with the Warming Disk, it acts as a cup/lid combo that you can use for snacks!

Disclosure/Disclaimer: I was given an Adiri Ultimate Nurser bottle for review purposes only. No other compensation was given. For more information on this blog and my posting practices, please refer to my disclosure policy.


Melanie said...

Hi Heather! The Adiri is what we trained on when I went back to work. It was great!

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