August 14, 2010

Listening to the rain

It's very quiet in my house, but not that eerie quiet when the kids are doing something they shouldn't! The boys are napping, and the only thing I hear is the rain coming down. It's so hot, it's like taking a shower outside. I love when it rains when the air is warm. When I was younger (okay like in high school :D) i'd love to go out running in the rain, dancing in it's warmth. My favorite times to play soccer were when it was raining.
It's not very often these days I get peace and quiet like this, so I enjoy it when I can. I know most stay at home moms can agree that those quiet moments we get are the wonderful...but after a while I find myself tapping my foot waiting for someone to wake up! What's wrong with me? :D I guess I could clean or fold laundry, but that's not as fun as having a squirt gun fight with a three year old or having a tickle fest with a giggling one  year old when they wake up!
Rain is calming and relaxing...I think I'll go snuggle up with my babies and take a little nap too!
Enjoy your weekend!
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Sofia said...

I miss the rain! I am so over summer!! Rain, rain, come my way! :D

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