October 26, 2010

Purple Trail: Personlize your Holiday Cards!

Every year, we do a personalized Christmas photo card. And every year I think they get better and better, if I do say so myself :D Each year we do a color theme, last year we did red and white, the year before it was blue and silver. This year we might do blue and white, but I'm still working on that. We always pose in our living room, and each year you can see how different our family looks with each new year of cards-the kids are getting older, my husband and I are getting a little rounder, and this year we've added some pets to the mix so we'll be sure to add them to our family picture! While my boys begrudgingly agree to dress alike, it always make for a great family picture that we use on our cards to give our friends and family an updated glimpse into our life!

Purple Trail is a company that has a huge selection invitations and cards, and this year their selection of personalized Holiday cards is outstanding! You can customize the design and layout and what you want written inside! Here is a few of the cards you can find at Purple Trail:

Here is one I customized for our family, needs a little tweaking, but once I get our latest family picture taken it will be even better!


Here are some ideas that you could try this year to make your holiday card just a little more awesome!
1)Add a recap of the past year! I know some people roll their eyes at cards that have a family newsletter or even a paragraph on what they've been up to, but I LOVE them! For us, we don't see many friends and family being so far away so it's a great opportunity to include some fun things we've done in the past year and to keep them posted on how the boys are doing!
2)Skip the traditional family pose-be daring! You know you laugh at those photo cards where everyone is wearing Hawaiian shirts on a snow bank, or they are all dressed up like superheros or wearing their favorite ugly Christmas sweaters. I get such a kick out of the creativity I see from people every year that I wish I had thought of those poses myself! Have fun with a family picture, you'd be surprised on how well it turns out plus you get a great family memory out of it!
3)Don't be so serious! Forget the long winded text in your card wishing everyone a blessed holiday season full of love-although the sentiment is sweet, why not do something different and have fun with the inside of your card! Include a favorite quote or a line from your favorite Christmas song, or even a holiday joke!
4)Make your card a scrapbook! Include the kids and decorate your photo card! Add some glitter around the picture, have the kids write their own name in their favorite color, add some decorate layers-it adds a little more of that personal touch to an already thoughtful card that the recipient is sure to love! 
5)Don't forget the envelope! Add some creative flair to the envelope-have some pretty address labels made, or put some fun holiday stickers on the outside, or buy some ink stamps and decorate the envelope to match the card with some holiday style! Even buying holiday stamps can make a little difference in the look of your card!
Have some fun this holiday season, and be sure to check out Purple Trail for your personalized cards this year! You'll enjoy the ease of their card design center to help make your card amazing! 

All information in this post was provided by Purple Trail through Mom Bloggers Club.  By posting about PurpleTrail, I am eligible for a PurpleTrail gift code.  No other compensation was given.  



Lolli said...

Great tips! I agree that loosening up and being daring is fun. Not just for the family taking the pictures and making the card, but for the people who receive it!