November 4, 2010

Vote for my kitchen!

 Edit: I forgot to mention-every time you vote, you also get entered to win a mixer! That would be so cool if one of my readers won!! You'll have to tell me if you do!!
And vote every day for 2 extra entries in a giveaway daily from now until 11/17!

Okay, so I like to enter myself in lots of silly contests, and my latest one is the Sears/Kitchen Aid "Rescue My Appliences!" and you have to register at Kitchen Aid in order to vote (it will direct you where to go)
I'm not trying to win the main prize (over $7000 in new appliances/kitchen makeover) but I am trying to win a Kitchen Aid Mixer! So please vote for my kitchen! And yes, my countertop is was the cheapest fix for the neon yellow countertops that were there when we bought our house :D:D
Click here  to vote or copy/paste this link:

Anyone that votes can get 2 extra entries in any giveaway! They can use it now or save it for later, leave a comment here letting me know you voted! I'd be happy to return the favor if you are entered in any sort of voting contest, just let me know where to go!