December 1, 2010

Liquid Palisade Review!

 I'm about as unsteady as they get when it comes to polishing my nails. I feel like I am concentrating so hard that I am shaking, and more often than not it looks like my 3 year old painted my nails :D
Liquid Palisade is just what  I need to give my self that well polished look! What is Liquid Palisade? It's a barrier, not a polish, that helps prevent any "unwanted nail polish mishaps"! You paint the Liquid Palisade everywhere that you DON'T want nail polish to be-around your nail bed, your cuticle, dries in just a few minutes if that. You can use this with fake nails too! After you've painted your nails, you can peel the purple Liquid Palisade right off! It's stretchy, and it comes off pain free!
I had to give this product a try, to see for myself. It's a really pretty purple color, too bad it wasn't polish, I'd be all over the color :D

It applies very easily, as if it were nail polish, it has a very light weight brush. After it dried, I picked my favorite neutral color and went to town. I even purposely got polish on my line of Liquid Palisade to put it to the test! After my polish dried, the Liquid Palisade peeled right off!! It didn't ruin or damage the polish on my nail, and I had a seamless paint job!!
I even tried to give myself a french manicure, using the Liquid Palisade as my guide, and this was the first time I was able to get a nice line on my nail!
You can see the purple around my nail

It peeled right off!!

This is a must have for any woman-mother or not! If you're too busy or can't afford to get regular manicures, this is a product that you need in your nail care regimen! We as woman don't have time to make mistakes :D Get your polish on perfect the first time with Liquid Palisade!

This product retails for just $22.00! Go here to get yours!

Disclosure: I received a bottle of Liquid Palisade for review purposes only, no other compensation was given. My thanks to  Kiesque for this opportunity. For more information on my blogging practices, please see my disclosure policy!