January 6, 2011

30 Day Photo Challenge, Day 1: a photo of you with 10 Facts

Day one: a photo of you with ten facts.

1. I'm a huge nerd. Hence the picture :D
2. I grew up thinking I would be a career woman in politics, and wanted no children. Thankfully that changed.
3. I recently got in touch with my three half sisters that I've yet to meet. I hope to meet them soon ♥
4. I hate talking on the phone. But when I do, I end up talking for hours, so I guess you wouldn't know...
5. I'm allergic to feathers.
6. I'm learning sign language.
7. I love avocados very much.
8. I used to hate that my ears stuck out when I was a kid. But now I love them, because these are my Grandpas ears and I miss him very much, and I was a little bit sad that neither of my boys inherited the Bregg ears.
9. I get really upset when people call my children girls. Stop it.
10. I'm taking my passion for breastfeeding and putting it to good use by making plans to go back to school to become a Certified Lactation Counselor.


Christy said...

Love the photo...made me giggle...needed a laugh today. Thanks!

Shasta said...

Thats so funny! We are a lot alike! Especially the phone thing, I am the same way!

Have a blessed day!

(Shasta- Christian Mommy Bloggers)

Heather said...

It's nice to meet like minded mamas!!