January 10, 2011

Check out No More Rack!! Earn extra entries to current and future giveaways~

Dear friends, I'm asking a favor of you!
If you like the many daily deal sites that are out there like I do, than you'll LOVE No More Rack!
They have 8 new days every day, and it's great stuff for everyone and everything in your home!
Sign up here, it's a breeze to sign up, just enter your email! If there is ever anything you'd like me to sign up for under your name (referral bonues) please leave a link in a comment and I"d be happy to do it!
Thank you very much!
If you sign up under my link, you can have 3 extra entries in any giveaway, including future giveaways! Please leave a comment on this post if you signed up so we can keep track for your extra entries!
check out the video!