February 22, 2011

Getting a little exercise while shoveling snow

Guest post written by Kevin Dancy
I guess that shoveling snow is never easy work, even when you only have a couple of inches of it because it just bonds to pavements of driveways and sidewalks and takes a little bit of effort. But I thought that when it snowed so much last week that I should go ahead and get all that shoveling out of the way.
After I checked the weather online with my ISP Rhode Island and saw that there was going to be even more snow dumped on top of what was already at my house, I knew that I needed to clear what was already there from my sidewalks and driveways.
Then once I started my snow shoveling exercise I realized that it was going to be more work that I had originally thought because it had kind of iced over some too. But after I did all of that I felt like I had done so much upper body work that I felt like I went to the gym although the roads were too bad to actually drive there.

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