April 19, 2011

Nutrisystem: Snack/Dessert and my final thoughts!

Who doesn't crave dessert while on a diet?? I swear, that craving comes out roaring when I'm watching my weight and have to fight the urge to buy the candy bar in the grocery store line!
Well, thanks to Nutrisystem, you CAN have that extra snack and dessert, which no harm to your weight loss journey! Isn't that just the best news EVER?? :D
Part of my job as a Nutrisystem Blogger Ambassador, I got to review meals for 10 days, and with that I also got to review some super tasty desserts too!
I was able to try a few frozen treats in the Nutrisystem Snacks and Dessert section of their menu: Fudge Swirl sundae, Caramel Swirl sundae, Orange Creme Bar, Ice Cream Sandwich, and the Creamy Fudge Bar. As an ice cream conissuir ;) I have to say every single dessert was bliss! I would have never thought dieting could be so yummy! The desserts were creamy and satisfying! Not one bite was left behind! I looked forward to eating all of my meals and rewarding myself with a delicious frozen dessert!

I highly recommend the Nutrisystem program. The meals are delivered right to your door, you can pick from an amazing selection of meals, and you will enjoy each and every bite!
I have not one complaint with my meals that were given to me, and I'm sad to have completed this review because now I have to start cooking for myself again! I'll be sure to add the Nutrisystem program back on my weight loss regimen as I'm proud to say that in my 10 days of doing this review, along with exercise, I lost 2 lbs! It's amazing what revamping my way of eating has done. I'm so happy with how this all turned out, and I'm thankful to Nutrisystem for the opportunity to do this.
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Disclaimer: This is my honest opinion. I received product for review, no other compensation was given.