May 2, 2011

Book Review: Rocket Town by Bob Logan

I don't often do book reviews because let's face it, my time is spent: chasing after two boys, two cats, one husband, and finding a brief moment to take a shower...I don't often make time to read a novel these days :(
But I could not pass down the opportunity to review a children's book! My boys LOVE to read, it's a daily ritual in our house to read several books throughout the day.
I received the book "Rocket Town" by Bob Logan for review, and it did not disappoint!
Each page is colorful, and really kept my boys attention!
It was easy to read, and we've read it so much, my 4 year old has it memorized!!

My little book worm!

Rocket Town is a children's book that is about an astronaut and his dog driving his pickup/rocket through Rocket Town! If you're child loves to use their imagination (what child doesn't?) than this book will sure entertain everyone who opens it up!
About the Author/Illustrator: Bob Logan is  a talented artist who has worked on such films as "Madagascar, Open Season, and Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs" and is currently working on the film "Puss in Boots"
Pasadena Star News calls Rocket Town“...a blast for children ages 1 – 5... Simple text and retro-pop illustrations make the journey one kids (and parents) will want to take again and again.
Read more about Bob Logan and Rocket Town here.

Disclaimer: I received a book for review, no other compensation was given. Please see my disclosure policy for more information on my blogging practices.