May 9, 2011

How was your Mother's Day?

I had a quiet weekend at home with my boys this Mother's Day weekend. The weather was beautiful, we played outside all weekend, went on walks, bike rides, and wagon rides...went for ice cream, played at the park and grilled our meals. I made my own Mothers Day breakfast-we had crepes, so yummy!!
I kind of think my hubby forgot it was Mother's Day though (granted I'm not his mother!). But treating me to ice cream does tend to help me forget  that :D
Well, okay, I did get the sweetest gift from my oldest-something he made at school. It melted my heart!!

I just love my boys so much, I'm so honored to be their mother. I couldn't have asked for better kids.

Here is a pic of my babies and me on Mother's Day

I hope all of you moms out there had a wonderful weekend, and if you're not a mother I hope you were able to celebrate with your family this weekend if it's something that you are able to do.
I'm blessed to have two wonderful mothers and I am thankful for them every day.


Anonymous said...

You're children are blessed to have you for their mom. You are so beautiful.