June 9, 2011

Name Bubbles Review!!

As my first born gets older, I panic more and more!! We're getting to the age of playing outside alone, spending the night at Grandma and Grandpa's by himself, and now he'll be going to school all day long in the fall! I tell you, you feed and love these kids and they think they can grow up :D
Doing all of these things alone and not having me to account for his every move, his stuff is vulnerable to be misplaced or forgotten (or worse, stolen!) so I become that mom who writes her kids name on every label on every item!
Well thanks to Name Bubbles, I no longer have to do that!!
Name Bubbles are "Labels for Everyday Life!"
I was sent Camp Pack Name Bubbles featuring my sons name (Cooper) 
We are in love with these!! We used them on his luggage on our recent trip to Disney World and they never came off! And we recently purchased his first lunch box for school, and I went right to our stash of Name Bubbles to put a label on his lunch box!

I love everything about Name Bubbles! They are eco-friendly (bonus!) and they are strong enough to withstand several cycles in the dishwasher and washing machine! The Name Bubbles come in all different styles, shapes, and sizes making it easy to keep tabs on EVERYTHING! You can put them on dishes, shoes, clothes, water bottles, toys...you name it, they have a size to fit it!
Name Bubbles is affordable and super cute, you'll toss that marker in a heartbeat and you're kid will be glad to not have your chicken scratch on his unders! ;)
Check out Name Bubbles Blog, and be sure to follow them on Facebook,Twitter, and YouTube! You never know when a good deal or giveaway pops up, and you will want to be the first in line!

Disclaimer: I was given a product for review, no other compensation was given. Please see my disclosure policy for more information!