July 19, 2011

A July Day in the Life of the Stevens

Good Morning Mom!
Breakfast, mmm!
playdate at a friends house!
playing outside-tears when Big Brother won't play
nap time!
Tea Party time!
making a quick dinner
we love pizza!
My husband laughed at this picture b/c of the odd things left on the table.
Oh and his horrid dear watching us eat. That's another story...
walking to the river

bedtime stories!

Not the most exciting of days, but a fun day for us!!
I am going to try and do a monthly feature of this series, I've enjoyed seeing this on other blogs and I think it's a fun way to get to know the bloggers I love!


Giana said...

What a great idea! And extra exciting, because we spent a little bit of this day with you!

Heather/Life With The Stevens said...

i know! I forgot my camera to take a better picture while we were at Steffs house, otherwise you lovely ladies might have been featured :D

Rhiana said...

I had to laugh at the deer on the wall, and then I saw your comment. LOL