July 27, 2011

My son's style!

When it comes to ones sense of style, I think it makes more of a statement when you choose your own style and dress how you like. I try not to pressure my son with a certain style, although when he was a baby I certainly dressed him how I liked :D But now that he is getting older, he has the freedom to choose what he wants to wear and gets excited to choose his own outfits for the day.

My son Cooper is 4.5 years old going on 40! He's always been a bright and intelligent boy, but very stubborn. He knows what he wants and will stop at nothing to get it! He is this way about everything, including his clothing. He has a very laid back sense of style, but he has to look good. How does a 4 year old boy know what matches? I dont' know!! But he has always been very particular about what he wears and how it fits. When he was a toddler, he would cry and cry if his socks were crooked, or if his pants were rolled up!! Now that he is school aged, he is more aware of what other people look like and how they dress. On his first day of preschool, he told me that one of the "big" kids at school told him he had really cool shoes! Ever since then he as always wanted to buy this same style of shoes (converse) because it made him feel like he was older. Now, I don't push him to dress a certain way to "fit in". If he wants to wear his super hero cape to school, or wear a stained play shirt, or wear my headband, I don't stop him. Some might, but I like that he is learning to express himself in his style. If it makes him happy, and it's not hurting him, then I'm comfortable with his taste. Now if he wanted to go to school naked, I will put my foot down :D

I think that it's a parents job to let their children's creativity shine and thrive. And I think someones sense of style IS artistic and creative. It shows the world who you in a way, how you choose to express yourself should be individual. And while it's scary to see my son make these "grown up" decisions, I'm proud of him for standing a little outside of the box and for being himself!

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