July 16, 2011

Yard Sale confession:

I love shopping at yard/garage sales. I think it's fun, not only to shop, but you get to see a bit into the lives of other people. It's kind of like "people watching" on the go. And I'm guilty of people watching-at the mall, park, anywhere. I'm easily amused :D
So that said, while I like shopping at yard sales, I do not like having one of my own.
And that is exactly what I am doing this weekend.
My husband was away for work so I set it up all by myself. He came home and built me some tables and a rack to hang up clothes, and we got ready to go. Of course it's over 90 degrees today and humid. People are avoiding my house like the plague. Which is odd because I live on a busy street in town.
My oldest is giving his best salesman pitch for each toy and shirt people look at though, he sure is trying hard. I love that kid.
But it's hot. My baby wants to run away. I'm hungry- But I fear if I go inside, someone will actually come.
And a cardinal pooped on my money box.
Remind me of this when I want to do this again next year.


mom2acat said...

I hope business picks up and you have a successful sale! I use to like to help my mom with her yard sales, but after working retail, it was NOT something I wanted to do on my days off. Now I just donate my unwanted stuff to Goodwill.

Rhiana said...

oh thats funny about the bird pooping in your money! LOL!! I wasn't as lucky...no bird doo doo in my money box! lol