August 10, 2011

How do you diaper your active baby?

Diaper changing-to sum it up, it's no walk in the park. I have been through the diaper stage with two boys and I've had to come up with a few tricks to get through diaper changing time. Enough with the sweating through changing, let's make it easier on ourselves!
I have dealt with streaking and the wiggle worm! One son would run away naked and my other wiggles back and forth when it's time for a diaper. Of course they think it's funny, which it usually is, but I muffle my laugh in my shoulder and carry on with the task at hand.

*Changing a boy diaper: Early on, I learned to put a little baby wash cloth down on their goodies so not to get sprayed. Those newborns have good aim, unfortunately!
*Get everything ready ahead of time! Have the diaper and wipes handy so you're not scrambling for them when your toddler is trying to wipe himself with his own hand...
*Have a fun toy next to the diapers that they dont' usually get to play with-I'll admit, I've given my kids my keys, or a CD case to look at while changing them. This usually gives me a few seconds of stillness while they admire this new "toy"!
*Ditch the Changing Table! With my first son, we had a table right next to the window and the older he got, the more he tried to twist and turn to look out the window. I started changing him on my bed or the floor where I could better control his little body, which is hard to do when you're leaning over a wooden table at an odd angle.
*Sing songs! My kids love to sing songs, or love it when I sing, even if I'm off key! It's a fun and easy distraction!
*Enlist the help of your older child (if you have one!) This has been my lifesaver with my second son. My oldest loves to help and when my 2 year old was born, he thought it was really special to help mom an dad with diaper changes. The baby usually had a big smile on his face when Big Brother was around!!
*Explain the process-now this works better for a toddler who is eager to learn and curious about everything. Explain every step to diaper changing and make it a learning experience!

I think the key to keeping diaper changing a little calm for everyone, is to make it a little fun. Don't stress over it to the point you're sweating and your baby is crying. Make it as easy on yourself as possible, because you'll likely be changing diapers for a few years so relax when it's time to "wipe, swipe, and dipe!"

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Linsay said...

Great idea! I have never used those before. Another great diapering "tool" that we use is the Bobee Diaper Organizer & Wipes Dispenser which is a new mom-invented product :-)