August 16, 2011

In-law Feeding Frenzy-how do you deal?

I have to come out and say I have the best In Laws, and I never had the problem of my family complaining about my breastfeeding. I was blessed with a great support system! But I DO know people out there who who are fit to be tied with their family getting on their case about not being able feed the baby themselves.

Evenflo has a way of finding the humor in those awkward situations-

Most new moms agree that “breast is best,” with 77% of women surveyed confirming they chose to breastfeed their baby in a recent Savvy Parents Survey from Evenflo. While the majority of moms see the nutritional and bonding benefits of breastfeeding, a large portion agree it can also be a difficult practice to maintain. In fact, 34% of the breastfeeding women surveyed said they found breastfeeding challenging, but managed to keep it up. 

And is it any wonder?! New motherhood is definitely a joyous time, but it can also be a stressful period with friends and family, especially overbearing in-laws, clamoring to hold and feed the baby. In the newest Savvy Parent webisode entitled “In-law Feeding Frenzy” (, Evenflo takes a playful look at the trials and tribulations that can accompany breastfeeding baby with your husband’s parents around. HINT: Our savvy mom has a secret weapon!

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Disclosure: I posted this information on behalf of Evenflo and my support for breastfeeding. No compensation was given. See my disclosure policy for more information on my blogging practices.


Kelly said...

Without a doubt, this could be my inlaws. Especially the mother in law!!