August 15, 2011

Just one of those days...

Don't you hate when you have one of *those* days??
You know, those days where you're kids want 18 different things to eat for breakfast?
Those days where you make said 18 things and then they refuse to eat them?
Those days where the weather is perfect so you walk to the park?
Those days where your children cry the whole time while at the park because you won't play with them this very second because you're with the other child who was crying two minutes ago for the same reason?
Those days where the children happily agree to leave the park on the promise that we'll read their favorite book 100 times, but cry the whole way home because they dont want to leave?
Those days where your toddler who naps daily only takes a 5 minute nap?
Those days where your non napping 4 year old takes a 2 hour nap which you know means no sleeping at night?
Those days where your toddler who used the potty all day every day for a month and suddenly they forgot how to do it and you've cleaned the same couch cushion 5 times?
Those days where you break out the phrases your own mother used on you when you were a kid and you have to stop and look in the mirror to see if you've actually turned into your mother?
Those days where you have a million errands to run and your husband takes your car with the car seats?
Those days where all you want to do is sit and complain to someone who understands about having one of *those* days??



Lexie Lane said...

Awww... I'm so sorry about your day. I think that's why Mondays are so crazy. Not only is it depressing because it's the first day of the week, but somehow, it seems like Mondays are the days that most crazy things happen too.

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