August 31, 2011

We survived the first day of school! Did you?

My son is in Pre-K 4 this year, and they do All Day preschool where I live so I was super nervous about Cooper being gone for so long. His pre-k 3 class last year was half day and he was exhausted by lunch time!
He was super excited to be back in school, he woke up at 5 a.m. and just couldn't contain his excitement to go back to sleep! He all but kicked me out when I dropped him off, leaving Bennett and I to entertain ourselves for the rest of the day! We all made it through the day, I was surprised at how fast it went! I got a lot done, and even did some shopping, Bennett was cheerful the whole day, even without a nap. Only when we first dropped off Cooper did little brother seem lost-Benny just wandered from room to room "Cooper, Cooper!"
Both boys are ready to pass out, now I have to fight to keep them awake for a little while longer so they don't wake up ready to party at midnight!
How did your little ones do on their first day?? Better yet, how did YOU do on their first day??