September 29, 2011

Confession Time!

I have a sickness. It manifests itself a few months before Christmas...I'm addicted to online shopping!!
I have already purchased a few things for my boys. I gave myself a budget this year because I went a little overboard last year. I can't help it, something about this time of year just makes me so happy (and willing to spend money I don't have :D)
One of the things I got for them was this Kidkraft Wooden Fire Station! I thought it would be a "big" present they both could share and have fun with!

BTW, I bought that with the Amazon gift cards/codes I've been saving thanks to using Swagbucks!! Score one for not paying out of pocket :D You earn swagbucks just from using their Search page (similar to Google) free and easy!

I also snagged some of these Crayola Dual Sided Dry Erase Board with the new Dry Erase crayons! For as much as we travel, I thought these would make a great toy for the car!

Please tell me I'm not the only one getting started with their Holiday shopping?? Please?? :D


Colleen said...

You are not the only one! I have stuff socked away in my closet already ;)

Yellow Tennessee said...

I have a few things put up but unfortunately my husband likes to do all the shopping in one day at the last minute. Ugh, I hate it!