October 5, 2011

How do you keep your family healthy and flu-free?

I have a huge fear-and that fear is of the flu. I don't know why I get so worked up about it, but since becoming a parent, my anxiety goes through the roof come flu season! I just hate to see my family miserable and sick. And as a mom, when I get sick, I don't have time to stop and rest like I need-So I look for any and all ways I can keep viruses at bay and keep my family healthy for as long as I can!
Something I've done over the years is to check in with my local homeopath. I know some people think that homeopathy is for the birds, but I for one love it! My kids and I will drink EmergenC for that extra "something", I love that they make a more kid friendly version too so my kids are more willing to give it a try!
We also drink an Echinacea tea, lots of immune boosting powers in a little cup of tea!!
I also tend to get a little crazy with the cleaning, especially around the time that school starts and the germ sharing begins! We wash our hands a little more often,  but always keep some lotion near by as that tends to dry our hands. My boys have learned early on that when they cough or sneeze, they turn their heads away and then wash their hands. I know it's hard for kids to remember to do that, but we all try our best!
I love to use a Lysol spray. It's great for toys, phones, door knobs and more!
I'm also obsessed with Lysol disinfecting wipes!! I love the feeling of a clean and sanitized house, but with two busy boys sometimes I need to skip that step of spraying before wiping and just go straight for the wipes that will get the job done-they are so handy! I carry them in my car too!
My kids aren't the only ones who bring in the germs though. My husband and I are vulnerable too-I give my husband a supply of antibacterial bottles to take to his work. I know that in his work environment, you can't always stop to wash your hands after you blow your nose, so these are handy to keep in pants pockets!
I always carry them in my purse too!
I know I can't keep my kids germ free, but I certainly do try-even if it is a little obsessive! I know that I am doing what I feel is best to keep my family healthy, and when we're healthy, we are happy!!
So tell me, what do you do to keep your family cold and flu free?

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