January 19, 2012

At a loss when it comes to gifts?

I am guilty of telling my husband that I don't need or want anything for my birthday, and he takes my word and runs with it! Some men just don't get that we don't really mean that :D I love him though, I'm a hard person to buy for and considering my birthday and our wedding anniversary are in the same week, it's not easy coming up with something that hasn't already been done/bought!

So you know what I confess to him?? Flowers. I love flowers! Not only are flowers a great birthday gift, but they are perfect anniversary gifts too  because you can pair them with anything! Put together a beautiful bouquet with some tasty chocolate or a favorite champagne! You can send them to a work place, leave them in a car, or send them to your home-no matter what, it's bound to be a welcome surprise! Even though I might dress like a 15 year old boy, I'm a girly girl at heart and love the romance of receiving flowers!
So spouses, gifts for her don't have to be stressful, but don't believe us when we say we want nothing!! Even if it is true, surprise us! You can't go wrong with flowers!

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