January 23, 2012

From your Kitchen, with love!

The Stevens kitchen-that is our home base, where we reconnect at the end of the day. We end our busy days every night with a warm meal around the table in our kitchen. 
But my kitchen, where I spend a good chunk of  my day, is not "mine". We've owned our home for 3 years now and have been slowly making it our own, and our kitchen is the last on the list. We've painted the walls, bought new dishes, but we're using the previous owners appliances. They work, but they are not what I want if I were to have my dream kitchen!
Starting with the stove...I'm a gas girl all the way. My mother cooked with a gas stove and taught me to cook using one, so that is what I've always preferred! Gas Range Cookers make the best meals-the food is evenly cooked, you can adjust the temp easier, and all around I think it makes the food taste better. I find myself window shopping online, making a list of my favorites, and when the time is right I know my dream kitchen will be a reality! I love the look of this Belling range cooker, I'm already dreaming of all the home cooked meals and memories it will  make for my family!

I suppose in the end, all I need is my family around the table...but, a girl can dream right?? And if that dream can render something my family will look back on with a smile as they say "Remember when Mom made that cake that one time...?" then I say, dream on!