February 28, 2012

Check out VueZone Personal Video Network!

We haven't ventured into the babysitter world yet, I haven't felt brave enough to leave my boys with people other than family. I've recently learned of a product that I think will keep my  mind at ease when the time comes to leave my boys with a sitter-VueZone! VueZone Personal Video Network is a remote video system that's so easy, even *I* can use it :D I'm not very tech savvy and am often intimidated by the lastest and greatest devices but VueZone has great step by step tutorials  on their website that makes learning the system as easy as pie!
Some information I thought was worth noting:
No wires = no installation! Just take the VueZone out of the box and in about 15 minutes you're set up and Publish Postready to roll!
You can set up your cameras in any room in your home.
You can view the video on a computer or have it set up on your smartphone so you can check in on the go-That is what appealed to me the most!
It's compact and better yet-it's affordable!
Footage can be saved and emailed to you so you have access to any video you want in the future.

Just set up one account online and you can view the cameras from multiple sources . 
This system if great for families, daycare centers, schools, and more!!
A system like this is worth the peace of mind it will give to any parent when they can't be home with their kids (or pets too :D) and peace of mind is worth just about any price in my book!
Learn More about the VueZone Personal Video Network and how it works!

Disclaimer: This is my opinion, see my disclosure policy for more information.