March 2, 2012

Zeiss Better Vision Educational Tools

I've been wearing glasses for over 20 years so I know the importance of being knowledgeable in the health of your eyes. Zeiss Better Vision knows that too, so they've come out with some great educational tools to help you understand your vision,to find the best lenses for ytour eyes, and what to do during your next eye appointment.

I trust my Optometrist has my vision in her best interest, but I know I need to keep myself in the know too.
 I am near sighted and have Astigmatism in my right eye, and reading about  the changes in my vision as I get older was "eye opening" (pun intended :D) As much as I hate to admit, I am getting older and I need to be more aware of potential changes.
I'm lucky to have a great Doctor on my side, but it's important to find the best one who will best suite your needs. Some of the tips from Ziess-
*Maintain your regular eye exams. SO IMPORTANT!
*Determine if your Dr is covered by your insurance, contact your company or call the office your interested to see if they accept your plan!
*Know the difference between an Optometrist and an Ophthalmologist!!
An Optometrist is a Doctor specializing in prescribing your lenses and can diagnose any issues. An Ophthalmologist can treat those issues and diseases and perform eye surgery.

There is so much to know, and Zeiss Better Vision is helping you to get educated!
As moms, we make sure our children have the best when it comes to their health, let's not forget about ourselves!

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