June 27, 2012

It's good to be home!!

I was born and raised in northern Michigan, and moving to Ohio 6 years ago, while not terribly far, was quite the adjustment. So when the opportunity to move back to MI came up, I couldn't have been more excited! While we are still a few hours from where I grew up, it still feels like "home"! I suppose home is where you make it *home is where the heart is, right? :D* but the feeling in the air, the landscape, the people-yup, this is where I'm meant to be!!
And getting the chance to do something with my boys that I didn't get the chance to do in Ohio?
Fishing on our old fishing boat! I have the best memories of my grandpa teaching me to fish on the little lakes in MI, and in Ohio we lived on a not so great river and were surrounded by man made reservoirs. 
Nothing beats Michigan fishing!