June 14, 2012

Time to Spare and Points Galore

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Is this your new cash cow? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
How amazing would it be to discover that you can earn cash and rewards for browsing through the Internet during your spare time? This doesn't have to be a dream. There are programs you can quickly and easily sign up for that can keep you earning reward points in your spare time.
Reward Sites Are Not a Hoax
At first you might be skeptical about reward sites, but really there is no cause for concern. It's all trustworthy, reputably backed and legitimate. Websites such as Rewardit saw a need and met it to create an allround gain. Here's how it works. Businesses have a product they want to share with the world. This product could be anything from a video to a game, electronics, or clothing among other products. The business wants publicity, yet it might not have the budget to go out renting billboards. 
Think about how many people there are out there surfing the net in their spare time right now. Sites like Rewardit work with businesses to create agreements through which their products can become highlighted on the Rewardit website. As internet users, you go to the site to see what interests you, and the business gets its publicity.
Earning Points for Rewards
Of course, it's not in your best interest just to have one-stop browsing for products that appeal to you. It's only right that you should receive compensation for your time as well. That's why Rewardit has set up a rewards system. You get points for watching films, playing games, checking out websites on the Internet, and surfing various products. You can earn even more points for filling in surveys that only take a small amount of your time. It's the way the site says "Thank you" for taking the time to learn about the products. 
What to do With Reward Points
This is the really fun part. As the points build up, so do your spending options. Rewardit offers cash back as well as other rewards such as discounts on products and gift cards. Is your best friend a book lover? Use your points to redeem a gift card so that your friend can purchase a book, or put it towards their upcoming birthday gift. Do you love electronics? Purchase the latest technology with the points you accrued while browsing online in your spare time. 
There are no time requirements for browsing when you sign up on sites like Rewardit. If you only have five minutes of free time in a day, that's fine. Your points will just build up a bit more slowly than if you surfed for an hour a day. Even five minutes can add up to great free products, so you can't lose. Earning reward points in your spare time online is a great way to discover new products while relaxing at home.

Disclosure: This is a Guest Post. Opinions are that of the author.