October 8, 2012

Where modern meets easy in kitchen appliances!

If you think back to when you were a child, did you ever think we'd be using touch screen appliances or having kitchen gadgets that talked to you? I remember dreaming about all the advances in technology there would be when I was an adult and it's awesome to think that those dreams really are a reality!
Take the "smart fridge" made by companies like LG. You can go online with the touch of a button and look up recipes, lets you know when you are low on food, and is top of the line in energy efficiency! Fridge freezers from appliancesdirect.co.uk make it easier to crossover into modern kitchen appliances. And it's not just refrigerators-it's ovens, microwaves, and so much more! 
Kitchen appliances have come a long way!We are in the day and age of smart appliances.
What I dream about is top of the line washing machines and tumble dryers found at appliances direct UK. As a stay at home mom, my work is never done and if I can cut my workload *well my  husband's too, laundry is a shared job!* then point me in the direction of some appliances that can do just that!

Disclosure: Picture and link(s) provided, words are my own.