May 4, 2013

Keep your kids safe with Motorola!

I may no longer have an infant at home but I do still have babies ;) My kids are of course my world but I am one of those paranoid, helicopter moms that have to know what my boys are doing every minute of every day. When we moved back to MI, our house had a set up that was hard for me to get used to-the kids rooms were on one side of the house and my room was on the other. I was used to either co sleeping or having my boys in the room right next door when we lived in Ohio. So I chose to get a baby monitor. It may be silly to some people, but it was the only way I would get any sleep at night, despite my kids being 2.5 and 5 when we moved. 
One monitor that has exceeded my expectations is the Motorola Baby Monitor model MBP41 sold exclusively at Babies 'R' Us. It is a wireless, infared video monitor with a 2.8" LCD screen. The sound is crystal clear and the video is even better quality. I am so impressed with this monitor. My kids love that they are on "TV" too :D My mind is much more at ease when using a monitor. Being relatively new in this town, it's hard to be trusting of the community and the safety of it and having this Motorola Baby Monitor on hand has really helped me worry a teeny bit less about my boys being so far away-even in the same house!
I trust this monitor to last a long time, so much so that I will pass it down to my sister when she has her first baby. If you are in the market for a top quality and great priced monitor to help ensure the safety of your kids, look no further than Motorola!

Disclaimer: I received a product for review, no other compensation was given. Please see my disclosure policy for more information.