July 9, 2013

Still kickin'!

Hey all! If you don't follow my FB or Twitter, then you may not know that we are in the process of moving...
We moved back to MI and decided to rent while our house in Ohio sold and after a year it finally did! So we started looking at homes in Michigan. We started back in February, and it has been such a long process. You see, the market is great in this area...if you are a seller! Which is fantastic considering how bad it is in some areas. We bid on three houses and lost out to bids coming in just a few hours before us. We FINALLY found a house and it really feels like it is meant to be ours so I believe that everything happened the way it did for a reason. This house is so perfect for us. The house was on the market for 3 HOURS before we put in our offer as our realtor told us the price and location and house were in hot demand and if we wanted it we needed to act fast! Luckily we got it. But we are one of those people who needed a bank loan for the house since we don't have hundreds of dollars in cash lying around ;) Unfortunately our loan officer was not working with us and ended up getting in trouble while working our loan so closing has been delayed but we are finally on the move.
That Looooong winded explanation is to hopefully enough to excuse my lack of posting as it has been a bit stressful in the Stevens house-and with packing and moving, I'll hope you will stick around and help me get back on track in the next month!
Happy Summer!!

Caught them being nice on our way to see Despicable Me 2!