October 2, 2008

Enjoying the quiet!

Cooper is napping. I really do enjoy this time...sometimes I forget what quiet sounds like :)

I love to look at him when he is sleeping. Everytime I see his sleeping face, I remember that little newborn sleeping on my chest. It really seems like that was yesterday, and here he is, 21 months old already! He is such a smart kid. I'm not saying that because I'm biased ;) I bet he knows somewhere between 50-100 words. He is speaking in three and the rare four word sentences. He demanded the I "just read the book" the other day when he wanted me to read his favorite book for the umpteenth time! You just have to give in when he says that!

I am so excited for this coming weekend, my whole family will be here! Mom and dad will be coming friday, Amanda and her husband Travis will be here saturday, and Jim, Nick, Bobbie, and Nelson will be here Sunday! Its been months since the whole family has been together, hopefully we can get some good pictures. It happens to be my birthday this weekend, but that is not the reason for getting together. It will be the first time my family has been able to come to Ohio since we purchased our house back in May. Better late than never!! Busy lives unfortunatly get in the way.

As far as Bill and I, we're doing great. Bill is back to hunting, as bow season just started. Its been awhile since he has hunted, so he is enjoying it. His job is also doing well, nothing major to complain about. We have plans to take a big family vacation next April with his parents and siblings. We are going to Gatlinburg, TN. I am very excited, it should be a great time.
I recently quit my job. I had been working at Kohls for just a short time, but it didnt feel right being there. I just know my place is to be at home, caring for Cooper. It was a good job, and the people were wonderful, but I just never felt comfortable being there. But its for the best.

So not bad for my first blog. Hopefully I can keep you all updated with whats going on in our lives, and I'm sure i'll be blogging about other random things. If you're bored, just check back in!


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I can't subscribe! You'll have to tell me every time you do a blog!