October 27, 2008

Nothing much to say today

Today is kind of a blah day. Cooper is recovering from a cold, and I think he has passed it on to me. Joy.
We had a great weekend though. Had trick or treaters here thursday, ran of candy after a half hour! And we had four big bags too! Cooper had a blast passing out candy, he was so good.
The kids would come up and say "trick or treat" and he would say it right back. And he always said "welcome" when they thanked us. Most of the time, the kids didnt even have to come up to the porch, Cooper would run out and give them their treat! He's so cute.
We went out to lunch on saturday and went to a little farmers market so Bill could get some honey crisp apples. He is addicted to those right now. Not that i'm complaining. Defiance has a big nighttime halloween parade-they hyped it up by saying it is one of Ohios only night time parade. It was waaaay to long, and it was freezing. Poor Coop was coming down with something already, and even though he was bundled up and covered, i'm sure that didnt help his cold. But it was his first parade, and it was nice to attend a community event.

I took Cooper to his first "read and romp" at the library last thursday. They have five week classes and take one week off before another five week session. He did okay, he participated and seemed to have fun with the other toddlers (its 3 and under). The teacher had a stuffed goose thathe wanted to play with, and he kept trying to go get it. After a few attempts to go get it, he got mad. So i had to take him aside for a minute. Ugh, I was that mom who couldnt keep their kid under control! But it was his first time, and he really is good and polite when we are out and about. I signed us up for the class to help him get socialized with other kids. He needs it, and I know he will get used to going. Otherwise he seemed to enjoy it. So I'm anxious for the class this week, hope he does better.

So not much more to write about...i'll post a few pics as always :D
these pics are from the parade. Cooper fell asleep waiting for it too start. he was dressed in his frog costume, mostly to keep him warm! the middle pic is of a "sniper"
it was a cop keeping an eye on things before the parade started