November 6, 2008

So how about that election...

This time change is killing me! Its been almost a week, and I havent adjusted yet.
On the bright side, Cooper now goes to bed at about 8:30 and gets up around 7. Which is awesome, although I didnt mind him going to bed at 10 and sleeping until 9 but I'll just go to bed earlier too! While Coopers sleeping habits are improving, mine are not. I'm up between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. for no reason at all. I just cant sleep. I'm hoping that will change in the next few weeks. Until then, I just lay in bed, or I get up and get some stuff done.

We had a great, but busy, weekend up in MI last week. It was so great to see our families. Cooper behaved pretty well. He didnt seem to be confused about seeing both his grandparents, he seemed to understand he had two grandpas and two grandmas. He had so much fun with everyone. We went to Kari's baby shower. I'm so excited for her and Jarred. Her due date is the same that mine was (albeit two years later) . We also got to see and spend time with some friends of ours we hadnt seen in a year, Ryan and D'Ann, who are due to have a baby any day now! It was a fun night the night we were with them as well as Jarred and Kari.

The weather has been AWESOME! Its been so warm, so we've been taking advantage of that and playing outside as much as possible. Cooper was having a bit of an eating strike when we came home from MI, but he is back to eating great. This coming weekend Bills friend Nick is coming up from KY to do some hunting and hanging out. So I'm sure I wont be seeing them much! So, aside from the disappointment from the presidental election, things are going great down here in Ohio.
Well, sorry this isnt much of an update. Hope you all are enjoying your week like I have mine!