November 12, 2008

Another "not much news" update. We had a busy weekend, Bills friend Nick drove up 6 hours from Kentucky to do some hunting. Cooper loved him! He still asks where Nick is every day since he left! Luckily, Nick is really good with him, he has even baby sat him once so he doesnt mind Cooper following him around :)

Cooper is so active, but in a good way. He wants to read books constantly and he loves to use his flash cards. He can count to TEN!!! Isnt that amazing? He knows his shapes, he has a few colors down, and next is his alphabet (but i think it will be a while before he learns it all!)
I think he had a growth spurt, he was eating so much for a few days there, and he really does seem bigger to me.
Last time I weighed/measured him was last week on Monday and he was about 27 lbs and 34 inches tall! He is going to be taller than me soon ;)
He is asking to use the potty a lot lately. Only he doesnt actually use it, he just likes to sit there! But that is okay, it is just one more step. He will get his own potty chair for his second birthday (two months from now, EEK!)

So we are getting excited for Thanksgiving. Even though we were home a few weeks ago, I'm anxious to go back. I cant wait to see our family, to officially give Kari and Jarred their baby gift, and to meet our friends Ryan and D'Anns new baby!!
I dont have many pictures to add, our computer is acting up so I havent been able to download anything new.