December 19, 2008

its been too long

well i am not sure if anyone reads my blog, but if you do, sorry for the lack of updates. its been a busy month!
We spent thanksgiving in MI, and had a great weekend. Bill finally got some deer under his belt, so hopefully his hunting obsession has died for the year.

I got to go to Chicago last weekend (with my mom and brother Jim) to have a Christmas with my sister Amanda and her husband. They arent able to coem home for Christmas, and this is the first time Amanda hasnt been able to spend the holidays with us. So we wanted to visit them to have a little bit of family time. I have to say it has been a good Christmas season so far!

I'm so anxious to go home to MI for Christmas. We are leaving tuesday or wednesday. We have some great gifts for everyone :D at least I think so.
Right now we have ice everywhere!!! I had to cancel some plans and errands today b/c of it. About 1.5 inches on my car. Fun. its going to melt the snow we finally got, I just know it.
Cooper and I played in the snow the other day, we havent had much to play in. He had a lot of fun. And of course he did not want to come inside!

well this is a quick update, but there will be a better one in a few days, probably around Christmas.
Happy holidays!