February 12, 2009


We had quite a night...after almost 24 hrs of rain, which resulted in the loss of about a foot of snow, Defiance started to flood. The river has been non stop rising, and houses down the road from us have the river flooding all the way to their house. Luckily we're on a bit of a hill so we dont have to worry about that, but I know those houses must have water in them. Our basement was started to flood, but has since stopped, no damage and Bill says he might be able to fix the cracks. I took Cooper out to lunch today, and stopped by our favorite park, and it is closed due to several feet of water covering the entire place, it even flooded the pool there!

Today we finally started up the "Read, Rhyme, and Romp" at the library. It is a weekly class where toddlers can go to read stories, sing, and dance. There was a month break, and it started up last week. We missed it last week due to me getting stuck in teh snow right in front of the library-i was pretty much taking up half the road. I was such a wreck, I started crying, and Cooper was saying "Dont cry mommy, dont be sad" now if that doesnt make you want to cry, I dont know what will!
I was already upset b/c I was having some issues RE: the pregnancy, and had to make an unexpected trip to the Drs to have a Rhogam shot and was really nervous. But I was able to go in and hear the heartbeat, so that gave me some reasurrance that everything was/is okay.

I am praying that we dont get any more snow. Cooper and I have been itching to play outside for what seems like forever! It is just not as fun to go out in 2 feet of snow, Cooper has a hard time walking through it. So we've taken advantage of the past few days where it has been nice.


Anonymous said...

My first thought: "Whoa! She IS huge!" but then I realized that picture was Bill. Sorry sis. :P