March 1, 2009

Spring is in the air!

Today is a beautiful day! I really hope the weather stays nice. We have snow yesterday, and as much as I like snow, I'm officially over it!

Bill returned home safely after being gone for a week. He had to take some classes down state for work. That is the longest we have been away from each other! It was a little hard, probably wouldnt have been so bad if I wasnt pregnant and was feeling well. I originally planned to stay in MI for the week so I wouldnt have to be alone, but I ended up having a Drs appointment in the middle of the week. So that was a bummer. But my mom and sister came to visit me for a few days to keep me company, and I am very grateful for that. My sister went with me to my appt and got to hear the heartbeat. And we scheduled our big ultrasound for March 24th! Only 3 more weeks to go before we find out if we are having a girl or a boy! Bill says boy, I say girl. I have absolutely no gut feeling, I wish I did. I felt like I knew right away that Cooper was a boy when I was pregnant with him. But no clue this time around.
As far as how the pregnancy is going, I'm already wishing it was August! I have been getting sick the past few weeks, I was hoping I wouldnt, but I should have known better. Maybe I should think positively though, it might help me not gain so much weight this month, my Dr scolded me about my weight gain. So I am trying to keep an eye on what I eat.

Cooper is getting quite the vocabulary. He is such a smart boy. It is so neat watching him grow.
We are still going to our Read, Rhyme, and Romp class at the library, but suddenly Cooper is the shy kid! He is normally social, depending on the situation I think, but he warms up very quickly to people. But the past few weeks at class, he has not participated much, and clings to me. I'm not sure what is going on, but hopefully he does better in the next few weeks.

Bill is off doing some target shooting today. I think after a week holed up in a hotel, he was anxious to get outside and do something. I dont mind, I sent him off with a grocery list so he has a to-do list to take care of too :D