April 23, 2009

Our update

Well it has been a while since I updated my blog, so I thought I'd take a quick minute to do so!
The latest on Bennett is still a bit frustrating...We had our second ultrasound this week to see if we could determine what the shadowing on his pelvis was. But we do not have any answers. We do know that the spot is still there, and that is cord is enlarged. The Dr didnt seem too concerned about the cord, as he is growing well and everything is doing what it should be doing! Ben is about 1 lbs 5 oz and has a heart rate of 136 bpm. My sister got to come to the u/s, this was the first time she has been to one. Bennett was moving so much, we got a good laugh at him kicking and punching me!
So the recommendation was to go see a specialist. Next Wednesday, we are headed to St V's in Toledo to meet with two Maternal/Fetal specialists. I'm so anxious. I wish the appointment were today! My mother in law is coming down to keep an eye on Cooper, as the appointment may take a while. I hate that we live hours away, but I love that we are close enough that our family can still come down and help us during this time.
If the problem that Bennett has requires frequent visits to Toledo, we will look into putting Cooper into daycare for when we need to go up there, as I'm not sure its the best place for a toddler. But hopefully it wont come to that.

Other than that, we are doing well! Spring is here! We've had some really warm days, and when the sun isnt out, it is raining. Bill has been working hard on the lawn. We've got a few of the overgrown gardens out and the next step is planting the grass seed. We will have a nice big yard when it is all done! He is working on getting a fence on the hill down to the river so we dont have any little boys rolling down the hill! I cant wait until we are done with our home improvement projects, but we've got years before everything will be complete! One step at a time I guess.
Bill still has a job, Praise God! Hopefully that doesnt change.

We recently went on vacation to Tennessee! We went with Bills family. It was a busy week, we had fun. Had a couple of bumps along the way-literally! I managed to fall down the stairs twice, get sick, and Cooper got sick teh last day we were there! But in between there we had a great time! I have a ton of pics, but wont post them all, I'm being lazy!